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About junnan


  "The combination of JunNan" two little boys’ name, carrying us a group of people, the pursuit of dreams and beliefs! "Create value for customers, create benefits for our partners, create future for our employees, create wealth for society. Boost China dream!" This is the "Chun Nan career achievements dream" - to shoulder the mission of the company, the essence of our greatness lies!
Because the pursuit, we unite as one, make concerted efforts, is committed to to & ldquo; build the China Iron and steel trade integrity, quality, service first brand & rdquo; from the perspective of management innovation, teamwork, innovation, service innovation, and the courage to shoulder social responsibility, and strive for the realization of & ldquo; to become the world's most powerful steel supplier & rdquo; the vision and work hard!
Because of this dream, we are adhering to the & ldquo; struggle to be the first, scratch & rdquo; spirit of the company, aimed at the industry benchmark, with a pragmatic attitude, actively meet the challenges of the mind, never give up the self-confidence and indomitable courage, strive to open up the spirit, solid advance, and constantly go beyond! Because of this belief, we always adhere to the & ldquo; achievement customers heart and accomplishments of the staff heart & rdquo; this does not shake the thought and won the trust and satisfaction of customers and cooperative factories, has won the respect and praise of peers, won the many talented people to join! ……
In the past, then bid farewell to the glorious era of steel Chun Nan, although the station in the new historical starting point steel. Predictably, the future there are more challenges waiting for us. But I firmly believe that there is no sunset industries, only sunset enterprises, in under the guidance of Chun Nan cause people dream of success, we will do it better achievements dream, let us work together!